Optimistic outlook for Alberta’s growth

Carol Oxtoby, and president of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association-Calgary Region, sovaldi is bullish about Calgary in 2012, medicine but that’s not the ‘B’ word she used in a recent conversation.

“Although there is still economic turmoil in the world and uncertainty with our southern neighbour, I believe consumers are becom- ing somewhat immune to the news that has plagued us for the past two years,” said Oxtoby, whose full-time job is president and CEO of Heritage Pointe Properties Inc.

“Air travel and retail sales are up, mortgage rates are still low, job crea- tion is good and the oil sector is very strong, which is always an important barometer.

“All of these are signs that our economy is healthy and growing in Alberta. Labour supply is still a balanced market and hopefully will keep up with the job creation.

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